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        1. 歡迎來到中國貿易新聞網(中貿網)
          主管:中國國際貿易促進委員會(CCPIT) 主辦:中國貿易報社


          來源:中國貿易報 作者:毛雯 2016-12-23 15:28:40


          China Trade Newsis directly affiliated to the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT). It is responsible for editing and publishing the “China Trade News”, sponsoring the “China’s Foreign Trade” magazines in both English and Chinese, and operating the China Trade News Network, the China’s Foreign Trade Network and its corresponding Weibo and WeChat public accounts. It also presides over the Council of the “China’s Foreign Trade”, arranges trade promotion and exchange activities, and is in charge of the China Trade International Cultural Media (Beijing) Co., Ltd. 


          “China Trade News” and “China’s Foreign Trade”magazines aims to publicize and interpret principles and policies on foreign economy and trade, disseminate information about domestic and foreign trade and investment as well as commercial legal services,so as to help companies conduct international operations. It has a wide core audience, which includes the international trade promotion institutions in all industries at all levels, the China Chamber of International Commerce’s subordinate chambers and members across the nation in all industries,government departments and social organizations, foreign embassies and commercial organizations, Chinese export-oriented enterprises, foreign-funded enterprises, and enterprises in the fields of conferences, exhibitions, and commercial legal services.


          “China Trade News” is the only publicly-issued newspaper of the national trade promotion system. It plays various roles such as a public opinion forum for the party and the state in promoting trade and investment, an important carrier for enhancing the cohesion, influence, and guiding power of the national trade promotion system, and a shared media platform jointly developed by the national trade promotion system. It is published twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday, with eight sections per issue, including highlights,trade, investment, law, exhibitions, business, culture and other contents.Founded in 1956, “China’s Foreign Trade” is one of the earliest commercial journals in China. It is published monthly in Chinese, bimonthly in English and issued both at home and abroad. The magazine consists of three topics: elite, business, culture, as well as various columns: special report, special topic, cover elite, businessstory, global references, lawl online, and trend watch.


          黨委書記、社長   許素亭

          黨委副書記、總編輯   范培康

          黨委委員、副總編輯    韓大慶

          黨委副書記、紀委書記    石凈







          地址:北京市朝陽區北三環東路靜安西街2號樓 | 辦公室:8610-84541822 | 編輯部:8610-84541822

          公安機關備案號:11010502034811    京ICP備05001841號-3 中國貿易報?版權所有2006-2017

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